Teacher and Practitioner Stan Pannone (left), Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong (right)

Teacher and Practitioner Stan Pannone (left), Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong (right)

What is Emei Qigong?

Emei Qigong (err-may  chee gong) combines many  time proven healing techniques, from simple body movements to working with healing sounds and meditation. It is known in China as a natural energy health care system for balancing  energy; the balanced energy aids in healing and the prevention of disease.

For over 800 years the teachings of this school were passed down from one Grandmaster to another. These teachings of health, balance and vitality are available for anyone who wants to learn how to cultivate and experience a healthier emotional and physical state, as well as expanding their spiritual understanding. Emei QiGong's focus creates the difference from other Qigong schools. The Emei frequency is very specific in helping achieve a balanced emotional state and is harmonizing to the body. 

What makes Emei Qigong different from other Qigong Schools?

  • The main movement form, Wuji Gong, is easy to learn and extremely effective. Most people experience Qi (chi) sensations the first time that they do the form.

  • Emei Qigong's unbroken lineage of over 800 years is extremely rare among the major schools of energetic arts. That means practitioners are tapping into a non-conscience energy field that is available and intended for self healing.

  • The techniques that Emei Qigong Healers use strengthens their own energy field when working with clients.

When an individual experiences vibrant health, the life force is strong and there is a harmonious flow of Qi through our body, This helps create and maintain a relative balance between our body, mind and the environment.   "Qi" is the energy!

"Gong" is the practice of cultivating energy and keeping it flowing and balanced. This practice quickens healing time of injuries, strengthens the immune system, and decreases stress by relaxing the mind and balancing emotions. As a person practicing Emei Qigong learns to quiet the mind, a feeling of peace and happiness takes over the senses. 

What is the Wuji Gong Form, and what else can an Emei Qigong practitioner do to cultivate? 

There are many techniques that can be used to strengthen our connection with the Emei energy frequency. The Wuji Gong form is our foundation form and is meditation in motion. Many people have a hard time meditating and quieting the mind. This form or movement incorporates "Taiji" or the physical part of the form with "Wuji" which connects us to the universal energy. The movements are easy and can be done by anyone on any physical level. The Taiji part of the form opens up the Meridians, Gates and the Dantians, the energy centers of the body. This allows us to flow into the empty state of Wuji easily. The result is a movement that  creates a sense of grounding, balance and harmony.

About Emei Qigong

Emei qigongis a great treasure offering to the world from the Emei Linji Chan (Zen) lineage. The Golden Summit Monastery, at the highest point of Mount Emei, one of the seven holiest peaks in China, became the home of the monks who protected Emei Qigong.

Due to the challenges we face in our daily lives, the practice of qigong results in a more harmonious existence on earth. Finally, the intention of this empowering practice is to heal yourself and help others.

Stan Pannone has trained extensively in the United States with Patricia Bolger, 14th Generation Emei Qigong Master and in China with Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong, 13th Lineage Holder Emei Qigong.

"Being able to improve your health using Emei Qigong is a life changing experience. Creating balance in your life has a positive effect on everyone around you".........Stan Pannone

"Emei Qigong's exercises use qi to clear our energy blockages, and to improve the function of our physical body, our emotions, and our spirit," (Grandmaster Fu)

"Emei Qigong's exercises use qi to clear our energy blockages, and to improve the function of our physical body, our emotions, and our spirit," (Grandmaster Fu)

Another technique that we use is working with Healing Sounds.

The Healing Sounds go back  thousands of  years and each sound creates a vibration that relates to a different organ. This results in creating a beautiful flow of qi (energy) within the body, with each organ working in harmony to strengthen each other.

A very powerful tool that is used in the Emei Qigong system is the Mantra.

A Mi Di Li Gong Zhen Hong
 (ah  mee  dee  lee  gong  jen  hong)

This Mantra was introduced by Grandmaster Fu and is a pure Mantra in the sense that it has no meaning. It is used in meditations, individual and group healings. Once an Emei practitioner connects with the Mantra, they bring harmony to their whole body.  

Where can I learn more about Emei Qigong?

The above techniques are only some of the methods used by Emei practitioners. These techniques and many more little known effective healing techniques are taught in our Level One Seminar or in private sessions.

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A   Mi   Di   Li   Gong   Zhen   Hong
(ah   mee   dee   lee  gong   jen   hong)