Emei Qigong Mantra Healing

Emei Qigong Mantra Healing

The Key to a Happy Life…Harmony and Balance
It has been acknowledged by many that trapped emotions can result in  illness and disease.

Join us for an Emei Qigong Mantra Healing and experience releasing the energy that may be holding you back from optimum health.  The group healing will be held on Sunday, October 13m 2019.

Our Level 1 Seminar that is being held that day will end at 3:30 so we can set up for the group healing. You don’t have to attend the Seminar to attend the Healing. Guests and Friends are welcome.

Both the Seminar and the Mantra Healing are being held at the Emei Qigong Healing and Training Center, 41 Putting Green Lane, Prospect, CT 06712

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The cost for the group healing is $30.