Empowered Carnelian Bead Necklace - Smaller Beads


Empowered Carnelian Bead Necklace - Smaller Beads


Empowered Carnelian Bead Necklace (Limited Supply)

The Empowered Carnelian Bead Necklace is an amazing tool used for healing, protection, making Qigong Water and meditation.

In addition to their ability to heal and protect, these mala necklaces are gorgeous. Carnelian is called "red jade" by the Chinese and carries the same high quality energy information as jade. These malas are jewelry quality and wonderful to wear or to use for meditating with the Universal Mantra. They have a lovely weight, and the beads are smooth and cool as they slip past your fingers.

The necklace has 108 beads plus a head bead with a tassel attached. The beads inherently contain high level pre-birth and post-birth energyand are further enhanced by Grandmaster Fu with 49 days of special empowerment.

The 108 beads signify the 108 different levels of post-birth energy information they contain.

For more detailed information about healing with qigonizeditems, please refer to the Emei Qigong Level I book, Healing Arts of Emei Qigong.

Efficacies and Functions

The empowered objects can:

  • Dispel illness and exorcise evil

  • Eliminate or reduce pain, inflammation, and stasis

  • Circulate blood and energy

  • Strengthen vitality

  • Balance the life energy field and the five elements system within the body

  • Balance the mental state

  • Enhance spirituality

  • Improve the moving program of life

  • Adjust feng shui

  • Increase wisdom and enhance intelligence.

All Emei qigong empowered objects can be used to make empowered water to drink for internal cleansing.

If you drink and use qigong water everyday, you can achieve the following:

  • Eliminate the contamination of tortured souls/energy entities and negative energy information that is already in your body.

  • Reduce or eliminate greed.

  • Decrease pain immediately. Treat all illnesses.

  • Increase your psychological health and reduce the seven emotional disease-causing factors.

  • Improve your physiological health.

  • Strengthen your energy, eliminate exhaustion, and feel energetic.

  • Cleanse the physiological toxins in the body, reduce weight, and preserve youth.

  • Promote the healing of skin diseases if you apply it to the skin. Beautify and rejuvenate the skin if you apply it to the face.

  • Enhance the abilities and powers of mind.

About Emei Qigong

Emei qigongis a great treasure offering to the world from the Emei Linji Chan (Zen) lineage. The Golden Summit Monastery, at the highest point of Mount Emei, one of the seven holiest peaks in China, became the home of the monks who protected Emei Qigong.

Due to the challenges we face in our daily lives, the practice of qigong results in a more harmonious existence on earth. Finally, the intention of this empowering practice is to heal yourself and help others.

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