Healing Arts of Emei Qigong


Healing Arts of Emei Qigong


Level 1 book - Healing Arts of Emei Qigong

This is the foundational book of the Emei Qigong system.

Whether you have taken the Level I seminar or not, this book can change your life. It contains the complete coursework of the Emei Qigong Level I Seminar and explains in detail the theory and fundamentals of all healing methods covered in that seminar.

By studying these methods, you learn how to:

  • Purify the heart and extricate from suffering

  • Understand the root causes of health and disease

  • Masterfully practice qigong methods for self-healing and healing others

  • Increase the vital energy of the body

  • Heal yourself, family, friends and others

  • Cultivate the most precious quality in the universe — Virtue 

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