Please contact Stan Pannone to make arrangements for any of the following services.

  • Acupressure

Chinese Acupressure applies many of the same principles as acupuncture (without the needles) to promote relaxation and wellness and to treat disease. 

Traditional Chinese Medical theory describes special acupressure points, that lie along meridians, or channels, in your body.

It is believed that through these invisible channels flows vital energy -- or a life force called qi (chi)

According to this theory, when one of these meridians is blocked or out of balance, illness can occur. By working with the vital energy (qi) and these special points,  Acupressure techniques are used to help restore balance to the body. 

  • Home and Building / Business Clearing

    • Removing Negative Energy from a Home, Building, Land or Work Places.

You’ve probably entered a home or business and immediately felt you didn't want to be there... or the opposite – you’ve felt immediately comfortable and nurtured.

What if your intuitive sense is always telling you whether a space is emotionally or physically healthy for you? And what if the energy of a space could be fixed if it feels bad -- or improved if it already feels good? How would that affect your health and your relationships?

Do you suspect bad energy is affecting a property?

Do you have the feeling that there is negative energy left over by previous owners?  

Do you have a sense of spirits or attached entities? 

Do you think unpleasant events, even long ago, might have left a psychic stain?

We have the ability to connect remotely and remove negative energy.  Our clearing sessions harmonize the relationship between a place and the people and animals who live and/or work there.

  • Medical Qigong / Personal and Group Healing Sessions
    Work with Emei Qigong techniques to release negative or diseased Qi from the body. These techniques help get to the “root cause” of disease and can improve your health on every level.

  • Distance Healing

Other services offered:

  • Fellow Practitioners of healing arts: if you would like Stan to offer an Emei Qigong class to your clients at your studio space, please contact Stan to discuss.