These are recent statements from students who participated in the
Emei Qigong Level 1, 3 Day Training, Classes, Mantra Group Healing, Emei Qigong Workshops (Unsolicited)

Re: Level 1 “Slected Review” Class…”Awesome Day today!! You did a great job explaining everything. I learned so much! Thank you…Looking forward to the next one”. DJ

“Hi Stan, I am so grateful for the powerful healing tonight. I feel so amazing and just wanted to thank you”. JG

“I have taken the Level 1, three day training, and learned so much. I am already experiencing less pain, as each day passes, with my daily practice of simple meditation and the gentle Wuji Gong form that can be done standing or sitting”. TB

“Made it to Monday noon Emei Qigong practice in Prospect. When I got there I was so stressed out and anxious. Stan showed me some breathing exercises that calmed me down. I hadn’t practiced Qigong in a long time and I was able to get right back into it. I felt the energy moving right away. I left there feeling so grounded and happy. Look forward to next Monday’s practice. Great way to feel centered for the week”. KT

“Stan’s gentle presentation of healing Qigong movement & teaching was a balm to my stressed out soul. A good way to start that day and everyday”. FP